We offer our customers bespoke design and manufacturing solutions to meet their supply chain needs. Our infrastructure supports us in serving them effectively and efficiently.

Our belt division has the capacity to produce300,000 belts per month (expandable up to 4,00,000 belts) in every possible range, cut and style with the aid of world-class manufacturing processes. The unit is SA:8000 certified, possess the best of local manpower and is equipped with latest Italian machinery. It is capable of making all kinds of belts; casual & formals, embossed, hand-tooled, printed, distressed, hand-colored, ornamented, profiled, stitched, embroidered, reversible belts, etc..

We have our own modern tanneries with a production capacity of approximately 1 million sq ft leather per month. These state-of-the-art tanneries offer secure production capabilities and scale to suit growing customer demand as well as seamless communication with our belts factories. Besides the leather we produce we also have a vendor base in Europe, Middle East and South America. We have hardware suppliers in India and far east countries.

Every product that leaves our factory is checked individually, one at a time – surely the ultimate symbol of craftsmanship and quality control.




We work with a wide variety of leathers which are either manufactured by us or sourced from selected tanneries in India and abroad. As a natural product, no two hides are exactly the same so each hide must be inspected, graded and segregated. This selection process ensures uniformity in our products during manufacturing. Selecting the right leather for the right job is what makes our work so special.



We proactively collaborate with our customers in their design and development process. Prior to making any belt, bag or wallet, we produce patterns and samples which, once approved, serve as the template for our production lines. Sampling is a highly skilled art and patterns are first produced on card by our pattern makers following which our experienced sample makers can create a prototype. Once the sample is perfected, the product is ready to be manufactured on our production lines.



Although men’s wallets typically contain between 15 and 25 leather components, a single ladies handbag can have up to 50 components! We cut each leather component into specific shapes based on our patterns and samples. Depending on the product and the production run, components are often hand-cut using special knives. For larger production runs, a clicking machine is used which cuts the leather by pressing down on it with customised knives.



Certain components require specialised cutting machines, e.g. we use strap cutting machines to cut shoulder straps for bags or computerised dieless cutting machines and laser cutting machines to cut intricate designs and add detail to our products.



The entire component of leather may need to be split (i.e. thinned down) to a uniform thickness using splitting machines. These machines have razor-sharp blades which rotate against a small opening and can be adjusted to fractions of a millimetre!



Often the edges of an individual leather component may need to be thinned in order to allow it to be turned and worked on. This is carried out on skiving machines which make the edges of a leather part thinner. Even thinner than paper if the product demands it!



Leather components are either turned and stitched or cut and stitched. If cut and stitched, the exposed edges can be left in their natural form (raw edges) or painted with a special rubberised paint on edge painting machines.



Once all the leather components have been cut and prepared for production, our skilled craftsmen work on each component adding lining, hidden reinforcements and metal hardware. The components are then glued together in preparation for stitching.



Each item is stitched using special sewing machines which are strong enough to work on leather. All our sewing machines are imported and our craftsmen pay meticulous attention to ensure that they maintain the set number of stitches per inch and, of course, go around each corner perfectly!



For all the modern techniques we have at our disposal, nothing beats the human eye when it comes to quality control. Every product is individually inspected and cleaned. Our Finishing department cut and burn thread ends, erase traces of glue and carefully remove any pressure marks from the leather. At Tregus, Finishing is the culmination of all the love we bring to our craftsmanship.



All our products are individually packed to our customer’s specific requirements using recycled or environment friendly packaging materials. Once packed, our products are shipped across the world and available at leading retailers and department stores globally!



Our belts are designed as the perfect compliment to our apparel collection. They’ll grow more beautiful with age, standing the test of time materially and stylistically.



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