From a helping hand to a complete solution, we help fashion retailers and brands with all their supply chain needs. From design through manufacture, fashion starts here.

We service our clients with everything they need to get fashion online and in-store. Talk to us about any part of the fashion supply chain and let Tregus be your helping hands. With years of industry experience, clients use our services in a myriad of ways; from brand strategy and creative direction, design and sample development, product sourcing and manufacture – right the way through to delivery in-store.  It’s time to take fashion further.




Manufacturing is contemplated with certified quality control at different  stages of production ensuring timely deliveries. Right product, On time, Every time.

Completely mechanised facilities which uses both traditional and modern techniques to produce high belts and SLG.


Focus on design led manufacturing Global leader in the design arena leveraging the expertise built over the years catering to global fashion majors.

Designers undertake visits to customers; establishing strong relationships and create top-of-the-line products reflecting the client’s brand image.

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