We are a leading Indian manufacturer of leather goods. We prioritise creativity. We allow experiences to take us somewhere new. We are always innovating, always moving forward.

Tregus serves reputed international fashion retailers, department stores and brands as original design manufacturer (ODM) for belts, bags, wallets and small leather goods. Our product development and design team follows the latest fashion and design trends. This allows us to collaborate with our customers in developing unique collections for each season. Our sample room brings new collections to life.

We work with only the finest cow and buffalo leathers and all our raw materials, including textiles, metal hardware and accessories, conform to international quality standards.


Our QC staff are on-hand to monitor your production to ensure only the highest 1st quality goods are shipped. QC: – All leather, hardaware, fabric/yarn entering the production facility is checked, evaluated then graded on a 4.0 system. 100% inspections are also carried out if required – In-line QC’s are present at every stage of production who sign off the first part of each process to ensure continuity – There are also separate AQL QC’s who sign off the final inspection separately to the in line QC’s – A full final inspection will be completed if needed for any reason – A special team of ‘audit section’ inspectors work directly under the supervision of senior management and control the entire production area. The team performs random checks and keeps daily records. Goods are only forwarded for packing if they pass their approval. – Daily records are handed to the quality control manager; this manager in turn compiles the records and reports daily to senior management – 2.5 AQL (SGS or ITS) – 100% QC if required – QC accredited to BS6001)


We think you’ll be surprised how cost effective our products & services can be. We believe a bespoke service is best. Because no client is ever the same, we don’t apply a one size fits all approach to our design and manufacturing services. With each quotation tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, we respond to every changing requirement. Fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth, that’s why so many style savvy brands turn to us.
Our incisive knowledge is allied with an extensive list of materials that allows us to match clients with product solutions to match their style, price, size and technical requirements.


Coupled with maximum flexibility over order quantities, we have one of the shortest lead times in the industry.
Whether a large company with a need for large orders, or a smaller upstart that needs limited quantities, we will be able to help you in planning and manufacturing of your own or adapted designs. All in a close collaboration between your design team, our team and our units.


Although we are a large volume producer, our production lines are uniquely designed to emulate the finest characteristics of boutique manufacturing. We have maintained our production capacity at a level where we are capable of undertaking large production runs and yet provide the attention to detail that our customers expect from us. Strong manufacturing control is just one of the elements that allows us to maintain production quality and keep manufacturing costs low.


Collaboration is an art, not a function. Liaising closely with client’s designers, we interpret the client’s needs working towards a final product that is expertly manufactured using precision techniques and the finest materials.

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